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It’s Me and You has been a trusted source for everything to do with fitness, health, nutrition, lifestyle, and more since we launched. We are dedicated to providing our readers with high-quality information with each issue of our print and digital magazines that we put out, and we strive to provide information that is accurate, fair, and factual.

If you have any interest at all in the world of health and wellness, then chances are you’ve done your fair share of research on topics such as nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship, and health. If you have, then you are well aware that there is so much misinformation out there these days regarding these topics, most of which is completely unreliable. We don’t blame you for becoming a little overwhelmed – there’s a lot of misinformation out there!

That’s why It’s Me and You is here. We have dedicated ourselves to providing our readers with the latest news in all things health and wellness without any of the rubbish. You aren’t going to find fluff in our publications – our editors work hard to make sure that the information we put out is nothing short of totally accurate and absolutely trustworthy. That’s our promise to you. There’s no better place to get an insider scoop on the latest workout regimes, keto recipes, and best practices for becoming a successful businessperson.

We know just how much false and fake information lies on the internet in this day and age, which is why we work hard to ensure that the facts we provide you are just that – facts. We aren’t going to write about anything we’re not completely sure about.

Our writers are passionate about the topics that we cover, and each of them adds their own personal touch to each piece that they write. Our writing team performs tons of research to make sure that the information they are including in their writing is fair and accurate. The last thing we want to do is mislead you. We at It’s Me and You pride ourselves on being totally truthful and transparent.

Our editing team works just as hard to ensure that every issue of It’s Me and You is cohesive and sensical, conforming to the general theme and ensuring that our publications are easy to read and even easier to understand. They all have a talent for putting together beautiful photoshoots and formatting pieces. Our editors are the backbone of It’s Me and You, and we’d be nowhere without them.

We believe that health and wellness are not restricted to one type of person. It’s for everyone – it’s for me and you. We want to empower you to help you take control of your life and live your best life with each digital and print publication that we put out. Our mission is to arm you with information that is backed by experts to enhance each and every part of your life. We do this with value-filled content presented in a fun and sleek way to promote a healthier lifestyle.

At It’s Me and You, we want to provide you with ideas that help you get your body and mind on the move, including tips for some of the best morning workouts, recipes that incorporate the powerful properties in CBD for every kind of diet, and general advice for being as healthy as you can be. Our standards are high in each and everything that we do, and we maintain these standards to ensure that we constantly offer information that is accurate and effective. We do this while also offering you cutting-edge content.

We believe in community and the development of content that inspires and motivates you. Our excellent team of writers and editors are experts in their fields, and they are passionate about ensuring that the information contained within our publications is as helpful and actionable as possible. After all, what good is a fitness tip if you can’t use it?


We have a strict privacy policy because we care about our readers and subscribers and appreciate that you have placed your trust in us. Our promise is to never share your information or send you anything unless you agree to it!

Our Dedication to Accuracy

We strive to ensure that our content goes beyond just being fun – though there’s no denying that it’s super fun. We make sure that it is edited thoroughly and fact-checked for clarity, fairness, and accuracy. If we are recommending you a new fitness tip, health practice, or even a CBD-infused recipe that works on the keto diet, trust us. We’ve tried it all ourselves, and we’re only including it in our publications because we are confident that you’ll love them just as much as we do.

Affiliate Disclosure

At It’s Me and You, we are dedicated to total transparency with our readers, which is why we want to let you know that we will sometimes participate in affiliate marketing programs. This means that we may sometimes be paid a commission when you purchase a product that you discovered through us, whether it’s through our digital or print publications.

You’ll find that lots of other health and wellness magazines recommend every product under the sun just because it means they get a little bit of extra cash. That’s not how we operate. We will only recommend something that we truly love and back fully. The merchandise that we choose to feature in our publications is always driven by editorial standards rather than affiliate deals or advertising relationships.

Our Team

Elena Ognivtseva
Staff Writer
Freelance writer, consultant with various companies and nutritionist – Cornell University, MS
Ksenia Sobchak
Staff Writer

Cosmetologist/Dermatologist, Clinical Nutritionist – Central Saint Martins, BA (HONS)

Tatyana Dyachenko
Staff Writer

Sex blogger, relationship advisor, freelance writer and consultant/advisor to companies

Julia Davis
Staff Writer

Psychologist, mental health expert, freelance writer and consultant – University of Latvia, MS

Marie Salbuvik
Staff Writer

Dietitian, fitness expert, freelance writer and consultant – Lund University, MS

Nataly Komova
Staff Writer

Nutritionist, registered dietitian, freelance writer and consultant – Bluffton University, MS

Monika Wassermann
Staff Writer

Medicine expert, doctor and health freelance writer – Queen Mary University of London

Ieva Kubiliute
Staff Writer

Psychologist and freelance writer – Psychology BSc (Honours), University of St Andrews

Barbara Santini
Staff Writer

Freelance Writer – Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (MSci) – University of Oxford

Anastasia Filipenko
Staff Writer

MSc Clinical Dermatology, University of Hertfordshire – Freelance writer and Commercial Adviser

Kristina Shafarenko
Staff Writer

BSc Psychology, The University of Manchester – Wellness Psychologist & Freelance writer

David Baker
Staff Writer

Freelance Writer & CBD Expert. Expert knowledge on relaxation techniques for mind & body

Katie Lasson
Staff Writer
Sexologist, Relationship Advisor and Freelance Writer for multiple outlets – Birkbeck University, MS
Crystal Kadir
Staff Writer

Qualified GP, Freelance Writer and Sex & Relationship Adviser – Durham University, MS

Charlotte Cremers
Staff Writer

GP, Sleep Specialist, Freelance Writer and Mental Health Expert – University of Tartu, MS